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As a community driven organization we think that this is necessary for all of us to share the moments!

The main vision of this non profit corporation is to unite all the Nepalese living in Canada for the advancement of their respective communities by providing harmony, peace, support, and brotherhood in Canada. Beside this, the organization has a mission to encourage the people to do volunteer work by participating in the community’s social work activities. The main activities of the organization are as follows:

1. To preserve the Nepalese Culture, Arts, Languages, and customs by doing seminars, events, festivals, culture exchange, and teaching.

2. To provide the support, resources, information to the new immigrant to settle in Canada. To support the community in Canada, Nepal, and the whole world by providing Humanitarian aid, disaster relief-related activities like health campaigns, hospital support and education support.

3. To preserve the record of all the information and knowledge related to Nepal by opening the Nepalese Library in Canada and Nepal.

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  • 4740 Plamondon Ave, Montreal, QC H3W 1E5
  • info@cnpc.ca
  • +(438) 807-9519
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